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PAULA, Big Bear, CA

"My home is my heart, and Ugo saved it from a greedy powerful bank, and got them to pay for my loss.  His negotiation and litigation skills  restored my faith in the justice system. No words could express my happiness upon completion of my case and getting my home back. I recommend him to anyone. With great respect, I thank you, Ugo!"

JACKSON, San Bernardino, CA

"Ugo obtained millions of dollars in judgment for the wrongful killing of our loved one. He fought very hard and long and guided us through very complicated legal actions to sell the perpetrator's home. I gladly recommend him to anyone."

JOHN, Loma Linda, CA

"We own and operate many businesses in the Inland Empire and with Ugo Harris Law on our side, we have been able to avoid unnecessary lawsuits and have won the ones we were forced to file or defend. I have referred  very many small business owners that needed good attorney to Ugo. They have all been very pleased with his legal expertise and outcomes".

JOYCE, Yucaipa, CA

"At the time I met with Mr. Ugo, no attorney wanted to touch my case, a malpractice lawsuit against a powerful law firm represented by another powerful defense firm. But Ugo believed in our case and fought wisely and aggressively for us. He achieved a very good settlement. I thank him for his competence, professionalism and believing in justice".

ROBERT, El Centro, CA

"I was sued by a gold digger for made-up but serious sexual harassment claims.  Ugo fought aggressively and intelligently for many years and forced the gold digger's lawyers to ultimately dismiss the case without me paying them a dime!"

WALTER, Chino Hills, CA

"I have retained Ugo multiple times within the past decade for employment  issues, including discrimination, harassment and personal injury. Each time he was able to simplify complex cases and obtain the best possible result anyone could expect. The best part of him is the personal touch, honesty and excellent litigation skills".